Friday, November 30, 2012


No one should be locked up for smoking or having marijuana. That's the sensible consensus that is starting to sweep American society. Okay, as far as it goes, and maybe other drugs like cocaine and heroin ought to thrown in for good measure, but marijuana, that's a start. I don't want to go over all the marijuana versus alcohol sturr. The fact is marijuana does alter one's thoughts and feelings, and makes perhaps unpleasant realities more palatable, even hilarious.

Shot term in a down mood, maybe that's good, and maybe as a sometime party spicer upper it's okay too, but it is not a prescription for a better life and it certainly - not a cure for social injustice. Giggling slaves who don't have medical insurance or a decent job are still giggling slaves.

We were told, back in the sixties and seventies and believed, that marijuana was some sort of love drug, yet it use was pandemic among American soldiers in Vietnam as were war crimes done by... you guessed it! Not to blame the love drug for the My La massacre but it surely didn't prevent it either.