Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why I say I'm A Jewish Shabos Goy

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I had run this blog called "Fat Old Jewish Guy Who Lives In The Projects" and then changed the name of it to "Fat Old Formerly Jewish Guy Who Lives In the Priojects." Well, look at my shnoz and listen to my accent. - I'm a natural born New York Jew, whatever else I want to b e or don't want to be. Anyhow, I had been influenced by Israel Shamir, A brilliant guy who mixes much profound and enlightening truth into his bullshit blend.- I felt I had to say I'm not Jewish any nore in order to join the human race fully. He says he's done that. Perhaps. But if you look at the guy he looks not Swedish to me. Anyhow he put an item on Jeff Rense's website in which he claimed I support David Duke. That really ticked me off.

Anyhow an ex- Jew is just another kind of a Jew, so there is no escaping fate, is there?


Here's the link that Shamir submitted claiming that I support David Duke.I would have appreciated a request for my permission to be put into a basket with David Duke.