Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Yeah, I know, a lot of "I's in this post

I'm a New York Taxi driver who lives in the projects in Harlem. I am pro Black but I am not one of those white guys who goes around trying to speak ebonics and saying "give me five."

My origins are part Polish Jew Part Hungarian Jew and part Russian/Ukranian Jew. My dad was brown as a berry as was his dad too, so I think maybe there is something Mediterranean or African or not European mixed somewhere in the blend.

None of that matters and none of that should matter. I've read about the Khazars the Lazars, the Ashkenazi, the Help The Nazis 
  • The world is a mess and by God we have to do something about it! To my way of thinking the people who are trying now are honest followers of Occupy Wall Street (not some of the manipulator "non leaders" behind the scenes leaders without accountability) and various people in politics who have to get into the stinking muck to fix things. These leaders have done some outrageous stuff! 

1- Pussy Riot

2- Trip to Egypt

3- Call to intervene in Syria.

But I have faith in the people. And  have faith the Black people who stood on line for hours and hours so as not to allow the new KKK in suits- the Republican Party- to silence them at the voting booth, and in the many good people who are "white" and Asian, and Latin@, We shook the money tree-Romney had much more money to work with propagandizing and when they lost they were stunned! 

There are teachers, doctors, taxi drivers, automobile factory workers, short order cooks, lap dancers, wives, fathers, mothers aunts and cousins who want to do what's right . I don't know if President Obama is one of those but I do know that Mitt "the Mormon" Romney is not so I voted for the first time in decades to stop a lying Mormon from getting too much power. Mormons believe that dark skinned people are cursed by their god.   . The Mormon Church was active in fighting against gay rights in California They also lie a lot:

And if you look at the demographics of who voted for who you have to see it this way!