Saturday, November 17, 2012

Yes, that was me, and I still feel that same way about it....

Friday, December 02, 2005

I'm in love with a "fat old Jewish Guy"

I think that I'm in love with this "fat old Jewish guy who lives in the projects." Read the whole thing; here a a few excerpts (thanks to jewssansfrontieres).

I want to make something clear. I live in New York. I am from New York. I do not have a right and do not want a right to "return" to Israel. I never was there.

The territory that is known to many as Palestine had been peopled by Arabic speaking folks for centuries, mainly they were Muslims, many were Christians, and a few of them Jewish too. Most of those people were kicked out of their lands and homes in 1948 by people like David Ben Gurion and Ariel Sharon and more were expelled in 1967. They are the ones who have a right to return, not me.

Actually there is a place I want to return to. The New York of my youth. That was a place where the schools were the best. Where a first class education to the university level was there for free, with extra money for the most gifted. It was a place where a widow working as a sales clerk could pay the rent for an apartment for her kid and herself, not a room in someone else's place.