Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's talk truth about Syria.

Videos reproduced under fair use doctrine to illustrate the educational message of this article.

 1- When is the US public going to understand that they regularly get lied into wars? Assad is the guy, who if he has chemical weapons, he has kept them under control. Not a good idea to make him lose that control.

2- Assad has been a "responsible player." The Golan Heights, practically annexed by Israel is in fact Syria, but Assad has not started any fight over it. Also, Assad took US prisoners off George Bush's hands and helped "Loosen their tongues" under the "Extraordinary rendition" program. He has held Syria together as did his father before him, as a secular nation with various religious and ethnic minorities coexisting. An Alawaite, a Christian, a Sunni, a Druse could expect to get through his day without car bombs, massacres, or rape.

3- From time to time some truth filters through in the mainstream media, as though to dhow the world just how little we Americans care about facts. If one bothers to look one sees that the so called "opposition" is disunited and also guilty of war crimes. We learn that a leading element of the "rebels"  is made up of Al Qaeda linked non - Syrians, and that these, experienced in fighting against the US military, are the main fighters in the so called "Free Syrian Army."

4- 75,000 US troops would probably be needed to get hold of the supposed chemical weapons. Assad has had them under control for decades, if indeed they exist.

5- Non Sunnis in Syria have every reason to fear and resist the "rebels."

 It might be reasonable when we recall Libya to guess that Syrian government sympathizers and minorities have every reason to fight tooth and nail to the last. This is the situation that s being forced upon Syrians by the west and its Arab Monarchist allies.