Sunday, December 2, 2012

Playing Leapfrog In The Night

This is a cell camera image taken from the front seat of a taxi. Notice this poor woman alone in the
cold and rain looking for a taxi ride. This reminds me of a real story.

A couple of weeks ago early Wednesday morning at around 4 o'clock I was headed down West 28th Street.

A comely young woman was flagging me down. Now in context, I had just overheard a conversation
between two
women passengers in which one reminded the other that she would have to kiss a lot of frogs before she
got to kiss her prince.

This startling young woman, standing in the wet and cold, could have been a princess. Three men dashed

past her, I would say just about leapfrogged over her to get to the right passenger door of my taxi. Now,
when I drive I do not know who on the street is who, who is with who or much of anything else about the
people who populate the sidewalks. I thought, well perhaps these men are dashing to be the first to open
the door for the princess. I was wrong in my guess. They beat her to the cab.

To top it off, and I must say here I have no prejudice against people of any nation, these guys were speaking

French to each other. As I passed the club they had emerged from I noted the flag reading "French Tuesdays."