Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sex and sex workers

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A while back, documented here, Mayor Bloomberg and his sidekick Christine Quinn went bonkers all out on a rampage about the need for taxi drivers to identify, counsel and report sex workers, Yeah, it is so bizzarre that even Bloomberg's top cop was baffled by the idea of it. And I laughed along with eve3ryone else and used this website to ridicule Bloomberg and Quinn over the matter.

But really sex work and sex workers are not a joke. (Bloomberg and Quinn would be if they weren't so dangerous). Prostitution is called the world's oldest profession but I doubt it is. I think the fort profession was that of gathering nuts, berries, fruit, roots and berries and the like and hunting and cutting up animals.

I think that after people began farming and raising animals, not ust chasing them, some people became richer than others. They wanted more things, including sexual variety like every other intelligent mamal s[ecies on earth does -  which probably had not been a problem earlier, when the connection between sex and childbirth was not known or understood, people died young and still attractive and STDs were not known of either. Since in earliest times there was no concept of "father" or "marriage" I would imagne our ancestors behaved like bonobos, our very close genetic cousins. I think that once women learned that sex could have "consequences" and men who had stuff wanted a known heir to leave this stuff to (so they had r have a monopoly on at least one woman, yet wanted access to toehr women) and you had women with not much to sell you got prostitution.

Our religions teach that that's very bad stuff but we do it anyhow.

My co taxi driver Glen has a spoof TV Show where he sets people up for skits. Here he has a Hasidic Jew trying to make a date with a prostitute named Stacey.

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