Thursday, January 17, 2013

Even more Lying Brit Radio.

Try to stay with me on this one...

Tuaregs are black skinned people. Some are Malians and some are Libyans. Khadaffi and the Tuaregs were close allies. After the NATO backed Islamists murdered Khadaffi and lynched many Tuaregs there was an insurrection in Northern Mali. We were told that these were Tuareg separatists. Then later we were told that these separatists were being joined by Islamists from many countries. Then later they all became Islamists.,-3.007421&spn=0.062292,0.10334&t=h&z=14&vpsrc=6&q=tuaregs+in+mali&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=relatedproducts_maps&utm_source=mapseditbutton_normal

So then, somehow the invasion of Libya spilled over into a mess in Mali, right? Right. Now the French and West Africans are in Mali trying to stop the Tuaregs/Islamists/bad guys. Meanwhile other bad guys are getting active in neighboring Algeria. Not to mention that the guys who killed the US Ambassador are still walking around in Libya.

And then with Syria. the Free Syrian Army are "our friends, right? They're the "moderates, right? But now they say that the Syrian people do not like these moderate friends of "ours" because they are "increasingly" getting into theft and kidnapping. So the Syrian people are turning towards the islamists, we are told, for their upright probity so they say now.  Oh, and remember the chemical weapons that badguy Assad has. For years and years they did not present a present danger, now that our "friends" and the Islamsts too, are running riot all over th place, they  become a damned big deal indeed.