Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Immigration, HIBs and all

My father was the first born in America to immigrants from Poland. He learned to speak English in the first grade, helped by an Irish - American teacher who doted on him and loved her classroom full of Jewish immigrant kids.

His father came to this country ahead of his family, his wire and three children and he toiled I don't know how many years in a garment factory sleeping in the factory itself to hoard money that would have gone for rent in order to purchase ship passage for his family.

My wife is an immigrant from Venezuela. She was an undocumented widow and mother of two when I met her. So, ask me what I think of immigration?

The United Sates, the entire American Continent in a manner of speaking belongs to the world. That's what I think. I also think that anyone should be able to go anywhere and have all rights as long as he or she is willing to play by the prevailing rules in that new place.

Regarding Latin America, ever since President Monroe declared that it is America's backyard and started to throw its weight around there, including breaking off some major parts of Mexico and intervening with troops, CIA or naval forces all the way from Argentina and Chile to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico people from those places have a special claim, a claim more valid than was my grandfather's to a place in the sun here.

Right now there are probably eleven millions of them here without acceptable documents and this situation of course is abnormal and creates all sorts of problems.

Now everyone is unhappy though with the status quo. These folks constitute an enormous pool of super exploitable labor and captive tenants. Individuals among them are particularly super exploited sexually and in other ways too.

Sneaking into the mix is the drive for more and more cost cutting in labor matters. It makes sense for employers to not have formal training programs to make employable the millions of US citizens and residents who they claim are unqualified for certain skilled jobs (when I was young companies trained their workers) when you can have your old timer train someone who is on here a H-1B Persons in Specialty Occupation visa which I call an indentured slave visa. 

How cool is it to have slaves educated at the expense of the taxpayers of other countries!?!?!?
 Now of all the proposals which will be oppressive to undocumented workers, especially the low skill low income ones and that will not be workable in practice the one likely to pass and be much heralded and praised by the one percent is the H-1B one that will make it even easier to boot out American workers for a foreign indentured worker than it already is. I am absolutely against this work visa indentured slave scam. If someone can work here that person should have the right to leave his or her employer, join a union, vote, make complaints to the Labor Department, etc.