Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The American Political Process- coming soon is : " Chained CPI"

Okay, we've just finished with another charade. Dividend income is still privileged over "earned" incme and the amount the rich are kicking in to "solve the "deficit crisis" is quite modest. Coming soon, "battles" over cutting Social Security via  the "Chained CPI" card trick mosr of you won't understand, raises in the Pentagon budget, more cuts in social programs, These "battles" are like Three card monte "games".

Chained CPI for Dummies:

 Okay, let's say old people start substituting Chef Boyardee for chicken. Well then their cost of living hasn't gone up, so no increase is needed. Substitute Ramen nooodles for Boyardee?  that's another saving, isn't it? Substitute Kool aide for oranges? You get it, right? This also will apply to tax brackets. This is a stealth middle class tax increase and it;s coming your way,