Friday, January 4, 2013

The Lust of a pius man-- Glen's Room "Jewish Guy" classic!

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Glen is a friend of mine who has a warped sense of humor. He's allowed me to show you this series of episodes from his blogtv show "Glen's room."Enjoy the adventure of this very pius individual as he contacts his inner bonobo. A four part adventure.

Glen says he wants me to work with him, nayvbe that will happen. I'd have to get an Android phone and have live streaming. As it is I peobably will have to get an Android anyhow as they are probably going to move the taxi business towards Hailo,

In my many years taxi driving I have seen a few (not a lot) of instances of Hasidic men going into or leaving places you wouldn't expect to find them in, These holy rollers have a disadvantage over others in that they are always in "uniform."

These are the episodes as they appeared on Glen's website, I'm not certain of the order and there appears to be some duplicationk, but enjoy them.

Jewish Guy - Part 1
30:51Jewish Guy - Part 230:38
Jewish Guy - Part 331:08
Jewish Guy - Part 4