Tuesday, January 8, 2013

This Guy Chuck Hagel

Late correction: Hagel's brother was not killed in Vietnam. The story is that Hagel rescued his brother in combat. Now, to the best of my knowledge the Army was not supposed to put two siblings into the same combat unit at the same time, Gonna chck that out.
Chuck Hagel is a guy who has opposed sanctions against Iran, is not trusteed by Kikud, was an enlisted combat soldier in Vietnam, lost a brother to war. Hmmmmm well should I complain about him" No doubt he ha more brains in his left pinky toe than Boehner has in his head. Good or bad thing?

The New York Times has a beef, though. Hagel showed anti gay prejudices fourteen years ago and the NYT is worried if he can succeed in the true re-culturalization of the military and real integration of gaus into the mass killing machine, I say one good thing Obama has done is change the climate on the gay issue for the better,. Sure gay Americans have the same right to be war criminals as do straight one! Hagel for sure knows that's going to be an important part of his job and no doubt he'll carry it out.

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