Saturday, February 9, 2013

Driving a taxi through the night of the great blizzard of 2013

Last night everything that could go wrong did, but not so much that I didn't get home with twenty dollars net in my pocket.

Started out losing an hour for car problem, maneuvering to the shop door, waiting, explaining, explaining again, having the work done, maneuvering out of the yard.

My steady car breaks down around once every two weeks, and my turn came last night. There was some umm interpersonal stuff between the dispatcher and me, and in the end I got out the gate for the second time at 11:00 pm.

I took this nice couple out to the corner of who knows where in the last bastion of not so high rent Brooklyn and they had no cash, just credit cards, but my Gawd wonderful "Bloomberg terminal" went bizerk and so I did not collect the twenty-one dollars but AI did get stuck for the fift cent Transit tax and this "fare" is mine as per the IRS too. It doesn't happen too often but once in a while is enough. Bloomberg forced this imperfect technolog on taxi drivers in the teeth of a taxi driver strike to try to stop it from happening.

The blizzard was really just a fairly ordinary snow storm here in NYC though I know it hit pretty hard in other places.

Just for the hell of it and because I said I would, I'm uploading the videos I took with my camcorder taped to the car window, so here they are the videos of driving a taxi on the night of the great blizzard of 2013. I should have that together in a day or two.