Friday, February 1, 2013

I guess I'm supposed to tell you what a great guy Ed Koch was, but I won't

The Ed Koch administration personified corruption.

Mayor Koch was a race baiter. He destroyed the liberal coalition that had made New York a beacon of light.

An inveterate bully, Koch scored popularity points attacking taxi drivers. He virtually cheer led a crime wave against us. I can recall an instance when the body of a 25 year old Puerto Rican taxi driver a husband and a father, was found in a snow bank in a Puerto Rican neighborhood,  and the car recovered in a Black neighborhood. Koch took the opportunity that same day to denounce taxi driver "racism". Coming from such a race baiter as he was, this was in the least ironic. Koch's race baiting became too much for enough New Yorkers to lead to David Dinkins beating him in the Democratic primary in 1989, something that Dinkins is not forgiven for, by the way.

In another instance a Haitian taxi driver's funeral procession was broken up by Koch's cops. The media obediently ignored the massive crime wave that was ongoing against taxi drivers throughout his administration.

And so, Ed Koch, I hope I meet you in hell.