Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is Christopher Dorner a hero or a villain?

Like millions of other people I am inclined to believe that Christopher Dorner's "Manifesto" speaks a lot of truth about the LAPD. I am also (not) shocked or appalled by the trigger  happiness of the cops of Southern California, nor by the lies surrounding the execution by flame of Dorner. Max Blumenthal covers the execution, the lies  and the sheepish cooperation through self censorship  of the government stenographers who have the degrees in journalism.

Some people have set up "Dorner supporter" Facebook pages. These are probably cop run pages. Dorner allegedly has killed four people, including the daughter of the cop lawyer who Dorner believed sold him out along with her fiancee.  Christopher Dorner had tried every process and procedure that is allegedly available to whistle blowers and like in most cases, these efforts came to naught, as these very processes and procedures are designed to protect the status quo and exhaust and or intimidate dissident complainers. Dorner, don't forget was up against an extremely violent and corrupt entity, one which the establishment is hellbent to protect and defend. Now, would you please tell me just how an unfairly fired cop who is trying to do the right thing (or any other victim of on the job chicanery who is booted out) can get his story heard?

Dorner's story personally resonates with me as I was a quasi cop, an unarmed agent of the foster care/prison/prostitution recruiting industry that's called "Child Protective Services" and whose entity within our city is called Administration for Children's Services for whom I toiled as a baby snatcher for over ten years. I rebelled at some particularly absurd and indefensible acts though admittedly I did not have either Dorner's perseverance, nor his faith in the so called "due process," to knock on every door as he did. I found myself beset, set up, attacked, betrayed, all of that and I escaped with my meager pension and medical benefits with a ten year retirement to try to fight against and finally give up fighting against the beast from the outside. To those police reading this as a job assignment I will give assurances: I am an old man who walks with a cane, I have made myself responsible to support other people by driving a taxi and there is no way on earth I will go postal.  This blog is my way of trying to share some of what I have learned. Personally for me that's all that I can do. Society has to face the issue: how do workers and employees who are trying to right wrongs go about it? And especially when the corruption and evil are protected at the highest levels of society and government, (like cop thuggish intimidation of the 99 percent and the foster care matrix) how is it done without going postal?