Friday, May 31, 2013

To the Democrats: I see through your "blame the Republicans" three card monte game.

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It doesn't require an Albert Einstein to see through the scam. Simply put when it comes to the economic issues and matters of war and peace and civil liberties there isn't much daylight between you and the Republicans.

This is your scam and this is how your point men Harry Reid and Barack Obama worked it:

Back in 2008 the citizens of the United States elected a man of African ancestry to be President and even though the system is rigged so there cannot be a clean sweep of the Senate with only 1/3 of the seats up for grabs at a time, the people made the Senate 2/3 Democratic (counting Bernie Sanders) and made the House of Representatives yours.

If ever there was a time when you were in charge it was January 2009.

What did you do? You left the Senatorial courtesies of cloture and filibuster intact, giving the GOP leverage to allow you not to do what the people had elected you to do - bring change!

You concentrated your efforts on Obamacare, something that at best confuses your base and leaves may of them doubtful and suspicious of you.

Your stimulus program was too little and not actually concentrated on making jobs, and productive endeavors for the future. You mandated that steel and other materials being used on stimulus projects be bought in India and Chins, which stimulated their job pictures but not that much here.

And then came the 2010 elections and low and behold - surprise surprise! much of your base didn't bother to vote while the racists and bigots supermobilized.

So you hold on to the Senate by the skin of your teeth, still with the cloture and filibuster rules that are not in the Constitution and that allow you to escape responsibility for what does and does not happen in the Senate, The House of Representatives is going to be in the hands of the GOP for at least ten more years even though a majority of people voting for Representatives chose Democrats.

In the rout of 2018 orchestrated by Harry Reid and Barack Obama you lost control of most of the state governments and the GOP is busy finding ways to keep our base permanently out of the political game. Now, aren't you at least a little bit ashamed? I suspect it's more like you are relieved not to have to deliver for your base.

So, really, STFU about the bad bad Republicans. You handed the game over to them and I think you always were going to do just that.