Sunday, June 16, 2013

Cop cars double parked at Dunkin Donuts at @3:30 this morning at 125th and Amsterdam in Harlem

I was driving down Amsterdam Avenue this morning at 3:30 in the morning and guess what I saw at the Duncan Donuts at 125th Street? Now, there is I guess no law against cops going to a Duncan Donuts shop but, well, they ought to be more aware of their public image. I mean why do you have to be double parked with one car siren lights on? It's like saying "look at us, we like Duncan Donuts, like the song says."


Uploaded on Mar 4, 2011
Heres a House Of Swine original! Operation Donut Patrol!

Music and lyrics by D. B.

Vocals - G.G. and G.F.
Bass - T.G.
Guitar - D.B.
Drums by ???? Someone!

Lyrics :

Pull over
Put your hands behind your back, gotta go to shipley donuts for the next attack
I got a gun, but I cant run
I gotta big f&%ing waist cause I eat to many honey buns
P.I. Pork Investigator
Refridgerator Raider, and the Donut Terminator
Who needs a car when you can roll on your ass
A couple chocalate donuts and here comes the gas
Today's your lucky day cause Im gonna give you a break
Cause I cant get my mind off that big juicy steak from the golden coral
I got to go now
I got a date with little debbie and the big borden cow
A nice cold coke and three big macs
Its been three years since Ive scratched my back
Protect and serve is my primary job
But what can I do when Im a fat f$%king blob

Here comes the fat enforcer
Here comes the pastry stealer
Here comes the donut eater

Pull over joe, cause its operation donut patrol
Pull over joe, cause its operation donut patrol

Epic pig screams!

Dont be mad cause youve never seen your feet
Cause youve never seen your dick before
Its the fat mother f&$ker in the blue in black
Its operation donut patrol

Repeat PreChorus / Chorus

Hey everyone, look at the pig, look at the pig, hes a big fat pig
Hey everyone, look at the pig, hes gonna eat you now
Hes gonna eat you
Hes gonna eat you
Hes gonna eat you

Repeat Chorus
Cause youve

I go
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