Sunday, June 30, 2013

#mountrushmoreofdumbass - could you call it censorship?

Just want you all to know that a page dedicated to #mountrushmoreofdumbass that features New York's mayor, Hungary's president, Turkey's prime3 minister and Garth Johnston a babbling racist cabbie basher who " writes" for Gothamist website, owned by Jake Dobkin and which one would suppose can't find any Black or Latin@ who can write as well as dumbass Johnston, Anyhow the images vanished from this link:

Now these are all public figures and as such in most countries that have rule of law they are open to ridicule and harsh criticism. That is of course the purpose of #mountrushmoreofdumbass . It's my position that as such in the context of non commercial political discourse these pictures are not protected by copyright. Most certainly on Juy fourth, the United States Independence Day, a replica of #mountrushmoreofdumbasss will be unveiled and revealed in a public place and in a public manner and this unveiling will be reported in at least one website, the one you are looking at now.