Thursday, July 25, 2013

@greenbadgepaul @brentwoodrich a more complete response to your question as to what the deal is for NYC taxi drivers

We have a mego billionaire mayor who promised the biggest taxi magnate in town that he is going to have anew hobby when he retires from his 3rd term as mayor, "fuckin' destroy your industry".

We have no organization at all for self defense, the drivers that is especially the majority who do not own medallions. We have New York Taxi Workers Alliance which sold out to the Bloomberg taxi plan in return either for bogus promises or something more material. The workers movement here is virtually dead.

In several locations in the USA already Hailo and Uber are creating  new class of taxi, the every Tom Dick and Harry with a car. I expect it will be here shortly if not already in a hush hush basis as these guys have a history of ignoring regulators.

I would hope against hope that yu guys in London can sink these pkans over there and perhaps sink the whole rotten barge.