Saturday, July 27, 2013

#Rethink #investing with #Hailo Because #Weixelwontshutup #veterancabbie #unsafedriving #cult #Stockholmsyndrome

I'm a veteran taxicab driver in New York City with 23 years on the road out of the past 33 years. I recently tried Hailo and found it to be disappointing on several fronts.

Most important is the matter of safety for the drivers, the passengers and the general public. I will not shut up until this issue is addressed or I drop dead, so be ready for a wild ride so to speak. At least as the app presents itself in NYC, which is where I have direct experience, it is a public safety threat. The drivers are caged into a lie at the start of each shift, that is the lie that they will only use Hailo while the car is standing. Now, I know that for many of you what an old crazy radical taxi driver says can have no merit or weight except perhaps as a joke but I am telling you loud and clear that the drivers are lying when they tap that icon. They implicate themselves in crime when they do this and so are examples of a sort of Stockholm syndrome. There they are, they've done it, they've answered the phone, input data, read a map, while in traffic - and they've lied about it - because they want to be part of the next big thing.

This shit, my friends, is not going to hold.