Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Roast Anthony Carlos Danger Chickenhawk Weiner - Money Out of Politics! Weixel for Mayor of New York City 2013 - Playing Their Game, But Not By Their Rules

CBS’s David Letterman offers 10 alternatives to “Carlos Danger.”

Let's not forget that Anthony Weiner in his first run for City Council back in 1991 race baited. against his opponent Adele Cohen and apologized for it after he won the race. Nice going Anthony.

Chickenhawk Weiner was all for the invasion of Iraq but like so many of these types, he never wore the uniform of the United States.

Now Anthony, who twice humiliated his poor wife in public and lied to the world about his emotional and psychological addiction to cyber sex likes to talk shit about helping the little person but where are the specifics?

There is only one candidate for mayor who has specifics and that is me, Eugene Weixel, underachieving taxi driver who says "yes, I probably did have sex with that woman, so what?" and "Are you saying that back in the day I smoked weed, inhaled and enjoyed it? ROFLMAO" and "I want money out of politics, so please, do not make any financial contributions to my campaign."

I have an ambitious plan for our cit and the way to fund it. Rail connection between Staten Island and the "mainland."

An emergency "Manhattan project" to get PCBs out of the public schools. PCBs have been diminishing the life chances for millions of people who have gone through the New York ?City public schools since WWII and it has been known to be toxic and in fact banned since 2979. Why then is there even an argument that this stuff cannot remain in classrooms any longer period, close quote, end of discussion?

Major construction of affordable housing. Encouragement of job production at all skill levels, with construction taking the lead. Easing of fines penalties and fees against the small businesses that are in fact the backbone of our city's economy and the road to prosperity for hundreds of thousands of people here.

Where will the money come from? I will not rest until the State stops refunding the 16 billion dollars it taxes with one hand and returns with the other to Wall Street through the stock transfer tax and refund program. Our NYC's share would be around eight billion dollars.

I will make it a worldwide issue to recover the thirty one trillion dollars that the oligarchs have stashed away in tax havens world wide. This represents one third of the world's wealth and these folks are not paying their taxes on this money. This is so much more important than how much soft drink can be sold in a deli. So much more important than Anthony's Weiner. I do not know just how much of this money would be New York City's share but it has to be significant and substantial as so much of this money has passed through here. also this hiding of money is an indicator of drug running, money laundering, profiting off of prostitution, and so forth. Civil seizure of al the wealth of these oligarchs world wide may very well be in order and I won't shut up about it as the Mayor of The World's Greatest City. I will shame the other world leaders into taking steps and I will force our NYPD detectives into doing something useful for a change and getting us our money.

Speaking of NYPD detectives, if they do not start investigating cases where pedestrians and cyclists are injured and even killed by motor vehicles then they are of no use at all. I plan to abolish the NYPD as we know it and replace it with a democratic minded and popular based force Most of these people you see in uniform today will be working on building the Staten Island subway connection and public housing. People will be allowed to own weapons of self defense as defending one's self is a God given right. We will be employing young people, even those who have not been academic successes  and we will be promoting the desire of many so called gang members to serve their communities.

I promise not to be mayor of all the people! The One percent has had their mayors now for decades, it's the turn of the ninety nine percent to have a mayor who thinks only of what they need and what is good for them.