Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weixel for Mayor of New York 2013 - Playing Their Game, But Not By Their Rules. 99 percenter rules, not one percenter rules.

What I mean by playing their game but not by their rules is this: Elections are structured to be "enemy territory" i.e. the way elections are structured upholds money ruling politics, which ends up meaning the ones with the money decide what is lawful and what is not, and decide how those laws are understood. They decide what the government should spend its money on and how it should get its money.

So elections are "their game" and not really the territory of the 99 percent. I feel it;s a compromise to do battle in this arena but it is a worse compromise to shrug ou shoulders and stay home or vote against one because he sent pictures of his erections over the internet to young ladies or for him because he confessed honestly and because what the heck New York is ?the town of second chances" (really?).

The leading candidates are not going to do anything any of the others won'r do once elected. They are going to run things for the benefit of the one percent, We choose one or the other because of their style, how they smile, how many times we see them advertised, which celebrity endorses which candidate that won't do anything that the one percent does not want done.

How do we best use election day to tell the one percent to go fuck themselves?

By voting for the candidate that does not respect their rules. Does not register with the authorities, does not seek money, does not run advertisements, does not kiss babies, does not bullshit you.

The one percenter thugs called NYPD managed with the help of federal forces to BRUTALLY crush temporarily the just and right uprising that took the name "Occupy Wall Street." It is for the time being very difficult to renew that movement. People are not ready to get their heads smashed in and eyes blinded by chemicals and are not able at this time to give as well as they get.

So, why not go into the polls and flip them a gigantic bird called "Weixel for Mayor of New York 2013" A write in candidate because I didn't play their game. A candidate without money because money needs to be driven out of politics, and no ne with a great deal of it will endorse me. (Good).

Take a look at my platform and statements. I am the anti one percenter candidate bar none. I need the moral support of people everywhere. Let's give the one percent the shock of their living memories.