Monday, September 30, 2013

I had a real problem trying to update my voter registration. If this is part of a pattern then it is s vote scandal in New York City

A few days ago I went to the Department of Motor Vehicles office on 125th Street in East Harlem to update my address on my drivers license and also update my voter registration. That's where I had a little problem. If other people have had the same problem then it is a big problem.

New Yorkers who take taxis deal with Verifone company's technologies a lot with taxi tv and credit card acceptance technology. I was surprised to find that my hand written and signed voter registration update wouldn't make the grade. I was confronted with convincing a malfunctioning Verifone voter registration device that I ought to be allowed to vote but it seems that the touchy touch screen just would not have it. So now I guess I will try at the public library. This isn't right and if it is part of a pattern it is a scandal. And who is in charge of the malfunctioning machine - the Board of elections? The Department of Motor Vehicles? Verifone? No one?