Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wikipedia and Hailo- Is wiki sick of Hailo hype?

There is a discussion going on at wikipedia about deleting its article about Hailo because in simple terms the article appears to be so much hype.

In the article it is boasted that there are around 30000 Hailo drivers worldwide who have provided more than thee million rides since itd founding in London in 2010. That is a bit more than 100 per driver, very roughly a week of cabbing in New York. So, with all the hype not much is going on for Hailo worldwide or for that matter in London
where the hype says it is all the rage.

There is no discussion of the driver app and procedures. These create serious safety concerns to the public. If it could be done not by me it would be good if someone could put my Guardian article into the mix  as well as : Twitter hashtag #HailoandUbermightkillyou

By the way the July report on the Hailo and Uber pilot program is way past due. June's report was horrible.