Thursday, March 6, 2014

David Yassky, Mike Bloomberg, Bhairavi Desai star in a Taxi Tales production: Charge of the Nincompoop Brigade also starring Blind David Paterson and a supporting cast of many, far too many to mention.

This post is a reissue originally posted October 16 No fact has changed. Welcome Dean David Yassky to #134 ranked Pace Law School.
When the hater of Muslims named Michael Enright slashed taxi driver Ahmed Sharif simply for being a Muslim back in the summer of 2010 decent people of every religion (and even Mayor Bloomberg too)  were outraged and every taxi driver felt less safe than before. It was clear that something had to be done. Bhairavi Desai, the leader of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance and David Yassky, boss of the Taxi and Limousine Commission teamed up and went to Albany, the state capital with concerned people to get something done to improve the security of the city' s mostly immigrant taxi work force. A law got passed that said assaulting a taxi driver would still only be a misdemeanor but could be punished with two yeats in prison. Almost every member of the legislature voted for this law. Since David Yassky is  lawyer and since most if the legislators are too it came as a shock when Governor David Patterson, legally blind, saw a big problem with this new law and shut it down. The problem was that a misdemeanor could only be punished with one year or less in jail so three years later nothing has changed.
Now the same team, the same nincompoops, are teaming up to do something that the law does not allow, that is to set up a fake benefit fund, steal six cents a ride from every taxi driver and not buy health insurance policies with tbis money because there is no health insurance policy that would cost so little.
Also, taxi drivers are independent contractors who do not work for Bhairavi Desai and David Yasski and who also sadly cannot be represented by a union in collective bargaining. With no law to back up their actions these two are headed for another fail. It is a scam they will not get away with taking our money without our consent to give us services like advice about Obamacare that is already available in New York free of charge.
They will not get away with this.