Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How many uninsured taxi drivers are on the road this minute? I have some questions for David Yassky about Faysal Kabir Mohammed Himon

Faysal Kabir Mohammed Himon was not insured to drive the taxi he was piloting when he drove up onto a midtown sidewalk and caused a young British tourist to lose her leg. As a consequence he has just taken a thirty day license suspension. Hold the presses. I have a few questions here....

How could this guy log on electronically and drive that taxi day after day not being insured to drive it? What is this high tech log on dooo dad that you mandate for every taxi there for? Decoration? Because someone who knows someone had some stuff to sell?

Seriously Mister Commissioner wouldn't it be your job not let an uninsured driver pilot a yellow taxi? How many uninsured drivers are piloting yellow cabs on New York streets right this minute?

An inquiring mind wants to know.