Saturday, October 12, 2013

It seems as though half the scum bags in New York were on the street hailing my taxi I even have another reason to hate #Hailo.

I guess God wanted to remind me that scumbags can br white too as I have been beat out of two fares in a month by black ones.Only white scumbags tomight. Oh and yrs s prtson who dpends hundtrds of dollsrs in a club and then stiffs the driver by not tipping or flat out not paying is a scumbag. Same for someone who doesvthat to a waitress. These are neither crimes of survival which I defend nor acts of rebellion. Just plain scumbaggery.

A drunken #Hailo passenger tried to pay me with jis dmsrt phone. When I told  him he had to pay me he ran out and with my medical issues all I could do was shout empty death threats which by the way he was running I would say he took my words quite seriously. Thanks #Hailo #motherfuckers.