Monday, October 14, 2013

Ya learn something every day- Larping and Real hipsters versus hipster chic

I was talking with this passenger not long ago about how New York has changed over recent years. We were talking about the meat packing district when  I mentioned the Pope of Dope and his Church of The Realized Fantasy. The guy told me that he just came back from camping in a forest in California where all of a sudden five ladies larping blew in each dressed like The Pope. They performed an eighteen page play that he remembered absolutely nothing about. This larping he told me  is one of those California things but I looked it up amd people have larp meet ups here in the city too.

I larp all the time playing a one time anti war G I who drives taxi at night and meets up with scum bags of all colors.

He also told me that real hipsters live in Bushwick and hipsters chic live in Williamsburg. He said some of the chics once were real. Real hipsters are economically struggling. Chics not so much any more.