Wednesday, November 20, 2013

On Meeker Avenue early Monday Morning Christopher Meyers lay dying. Does this involve the Bloomberg 911 scandal?

.Christopher Meyers was a thirty year old record store clerk who was well liked. One of his friends told Gothamist of worries about "where he rode" his bike. 

Gothamist also is very critical of the detective who is assigned to this case. 

I arrived at the scene of the incident at 3:54 am Mpnday according  to the clock in my taxi. There was another motoris6t ?on the scene and I stopped thinking he was the one who struck the cyclist. As he told me he almost ran Christopher stopping in time to not run ovet the cyclist.

Why I am not yet done with this story is because there is more to be found out and told.

I waited with Christopher and the first motorist until the cops and ambulance arrived which seemed to be too long a wait. Christopher was still alive when they arrived. He was breathing and answered the question " are you okay? ""yes".

I went back to my parked taxi I typed up my first post about this situation and I hit the send bitton st 4:15 am 22 minutes after the 911 call. That is exactly when the ambulance left the scene with Christopher.Given that Christopher Meyers was alive when the 911 call was made and he eas alive when the ambulance came it ought to matter to everyone if thr dispatch of thr ambulance was delayed in the slightest.