Friday, November 29, 2013

Hell hath no fury (like a woman scorned). (I)

I had an "aha moment" last night when I overheard a woman passenger talking into her cell phone. Apparently she had just left a Thanksgiving  dinner (that could not be beat.) What she was saying went something like this: "John was there and he looked terrible. Fatter. He's gained at least ten pounds since the last time I saw him. And his face. He looked so sad. I thoroughly enjoyed it."

Now in the earliest hours of Thanksgiving I picked up a woman passenger at North Eighth Street which is roughly where Williamsburg and Greenpoint meet . She was both teary eyed and furious. "men", she said, "are scumbags." She had agreed to have some drinks with one. The guy had agreed to pay her cab fare back to Bensonhurst, where she lives but he backed away from the avreed taxi ride. His plan, all along, had been to get her lubricated and then walk her to his flat but a few yards away. She wasn't having it  as the guy just did not move her physically nor spiritually (he claimed to be an atheist, something that turned this lady off.). The atheist guy refused to front her the cab money and left her standing on the corner with his advice she catch the next L train and work it out from there. An alarm went off in my head as she told me that she could not afford to take taxis all over Brooklyn but it turned out that her credit card was not maxxed out.

" I know where I can  catch him off guard. And when I do I will break his lip with a brick."

So man to man here's a heads up to an atheistic Lothario who operates on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint frontier: She's coming to get you with a brick in her hand.
Aha! Let's have a feature called "Hell hath no fury"!