Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Taxi drivers and mayor to be Bill deBlasio

No matter how they try Democratic politicians can never quite please the financial powers and the media. Just look at the New York Post front page image of Bill deBlasio's face on a communist flag. They want to beat, kick and shout out any decent impulse that a Democratic politician  might have or even act on.

Yellow Taxi drivers are already watching the Green taxi drivers steal our work. Bill deBlasio has said some things that sound favorable to Yellow taxi drivers but it is and will be the fleets and the brokers who have his ears. That is both a blessing and a curse for drivers. The bosses will keep on writing their own rules but maybe the Bloomberg plan to completely destroy our industry could be turned back or stopped or slowed down but the pressure  to destroy us will be intense and now these haters have the fake union label of Taxi Workers Alliance which will be given our money to fight for more green taxis to kill us with. We will have to either replace TWA or.force them to work for us again like they used to do.