Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I support Bill deBlasio's visionary goal: No pedestrian fatalities or serious injuries - stop Hailo and Uber killer apps

When Hailo rushed to make itself look like a responsible corporate citizen regarding public safety it was admitting that it had never crossed its corporate mind before.

On December 14 the TLC will rule on making Hailo and Uber permanent in  Gotham.

Someone or some people have been visiting this blog and reading up on the killer apps.

I don't know about the internal politics of the TLC  commissioners. Perhaps some are open to what I have been saying and will vote to stop the killet apps. It would be in keeping with the goal. It might make it politically feasible for deBlasio's successor commissioner to ban these blights from. our streets. As a victim of an irresponsible driver who knocked me down  while I was crossing a street obeying the rules I hopr so.