Friday, January 3, 2014

Conversation with a strip club make up artist

Sandra is motherly woman who lives like I do in the night world.  She has a unique job, one of the few strip club make up artists.

She tells me that the dancers are "all kinds of people." Some really are working their way through college, some never went to high school.

Some really love what they do. They know they are sexy and enjoy their power over men. Others do not come back after their first night working.

The ones who enjoy their work attract "steadies" who imagine  they are special to the girl. These girls remember names, faces and stories.

Some, of the dancers spend their money faster than they earn it, others  are in to investing and own several homes.

Some have stories of childhood abuse others say they've always been happy.

The make up artist serves as confidant and dispute :referee.

Like Sandra says :"it takes all kinds to make a wprld."