Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I have called Bhairavi Desai and David Yassky thieves. But what if they eventually deliver some benefits? Will I apologize? Not probably.

Drivers of yellow cabs- but not of green ones- have had six cents  a ride withheld by the medallion owners under ex Chairman Yassky's orders. This is going to add up to possibly  $15 million a year. Obamacare Navigation and a paltry disability plan were to come about on or about November 18, 2013.  The first tranche of money is to be given to the Taxi and  Limousine Commission on February First. They are then supposed to hand it over to Ms. Desai and her make believe union  I do not know how Ms Desai was supposed to get the program underway prior to getting the first extorted dollar.  I guess Mike Bloomberg made some assurance as he was the beneficiary of Desai's stabbing the drivers in the back. This is how he dealt with Leonora Fulani many years ago.

Anyhow there is a driver at my  garage who would follow Desai to the gates of hell and he is one who believes we have a boatload of benefits already in place. He challenges me to concede that if or when the benefits arrive I will be eating crow. Poor deluded man I hope you don't get ill.