Thursday, January 23, 2014

Taxi Workers Alliance is a disgrace and the deBlasio administration must disentangle itself from it ASAP.

Karl Marx once took a look at the movement that bore his name and famously said  " "If that is Marxism, then I am not a Marxis.t" In 1883, Marx wrote to the French labour leaderJules Guesde and to Paul Lafargue (Marx’s son-in-law) – both of whom claimed to represent Marxist principles – accusing them of "revolutionary phrase-mongering" and of denying the value of reformist struggle; from Marx's letter derives the paraphrase: "If that is Marxism, then I am not a Marxist".[30][31] American Marxist scholar Hal Draper responded to this comment by saying, "there are few thinkers in modern history whose thought has been so badly misrepresented, by Marxists and anti-Marxists alike

If Bhairavi Desai is any kind of a Marxist then the old boy has got to be spinning in his grave.

I have filed a notice of claim against NYC regarding this six cent per trip robbery without the assistance of any medallion owners group. It is my hope that Mayor deBlasio or someone close to him will take a serious look at this mess and decide that the only fair and prudent thing to do is to shut down the benefits fund refund the drivers money and apologize to us.
In addition today I submitted a complaint with the Department of Investigations against the TLC, the Taxi Workers Alliance and David Yassky.

NYC Taxi Drivers Taken Advantage of by NY Taxi Workers Alliance

New York city cab drivers Adelso Raul Delorbe, Pedro Sierra, and Samson Zerai filed a lawsuit on December 31st against The New York City Taxi And Limousine Commission, claiming a multi-million dollar slush fund was created, seizing taxicab drivers’ hard-earned income.  The cab drivers claim a “shady backroom deal with the New York Taxi Workers Alliance” was made, which was quid-pro-quo for supporting (failed) initiatives of the Bloomberg Administration.
NYC Taxi
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Meanwhile, as Everything PR has detailed previously, this PR battle is a continuation of double taxation ona new Health Care fund for taxi drivers. This is a six cent per fare Health Care tax/fee which is being withheld from drivers.The drivers – largely first and second generation immigrants pursuing their version of the American Dream – receive a reduction in their income amounting collectively to more than $10 million a year.  In exchange for the forced $10 million in contributions to the NYTWA’s coffers, the drivers receive “healthcare” services that include neither true healthcare coverage nor services that the drivers would ever want or need.  Indeed, half or more of the Fund will go toward services the drivers could obtain elsewhere for free and administrative costs.
The “fund” is being overseen by Bhairavi Desai, the head of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, an avowed Marxist. In what is sure to attract more eye-balls to the taxi industry, the drivers claimed the people running the fund have “neither relevant healthcare experience nor relevant insurance brokerage experience.”
The sheer size of the NYC Taxi industry is immense – and indeed the yellow cars are something which one cannot miss when they visit NYC.  And The Beat Goes On…