Sunday, January 26, 2014

Not The Gothamist Website to be launched. First story will be: Man goes to Saint Barnabas Emergency Room With A Rash And Drops Dead While Waiting For A Doctor.

You know I don't like Jake Dobkins who owns Gothamist but I have a certain admiration for the way he runs Gothamist and his business plan.
John Verrier was a thirty year old man who dropped dead in the Saint Barnabas Hospital waiting room while waiting to see a doctor about a rash. Gothamist did not break the story because Gothamist doesn't break stories, it scrapes 'em. They scraped and did a re write of thisvone, took it from ABC News. I am doing the same thing to them!. 

Not Tbe Gothamist launches early Monday morning, that is tomorrownot the gothamist