Monday, January 20, 2014

Randy Credico ran for mayor of New York City. I dropped out of the race and supported Credico. While I respect him I am not ready to back him for Governor. I may be running as I have issues no one else has touched.
Under infrastructure consider millions of school children and staff exposed to PCBs. As Governor I will mobilize the National Guard and refuse to permit our National Guard to participate in any interventionist action outside the borders of New York State except emergency responses to catastrophic Acts of God when that intervention is requested by legitimate authorities.  Our schools will be clear of PCBs in two years come Hell or High Water.

Our infrastructure is decrepit and Third World. A major FDR style rebuilding × 10 is needed. We cannot have 137 year water mains or any other life and well being threatening   conditions. Every subeay station is to be fully accessible to disabled people. Our roads are for carrying traffic and commerce not wrecki g vehicle undercarriages.n

There wll be more to come..

137 year old water main exploded under Fifth Avenue in Manhattan a few days sgo. Dtill a mess.