Monday, January 6, 2014

What is a slum lord? What is a stereotype? What is a fashion statement?

I don't know if this guy from Williamsburg was a "slum lord"  like the Post says. The Post is not known for its high ethical standards and although it is more extreme in its Zionism than arre most American Jews this does not mean they are above using an anti Jewish stereotype to sell papers and get attention for themselves. On the other hand there is something to be said about sterrotypes: Stereotypes are based on the observations and beliefs of lots of people. 

So while I do not know if the Post made this"slumlord" stuff up I'm  pretty much inclined to spot thrm this one. Most Jews are not slumlotds but year after year "worse slumlord" lists are heavily if not only lists of people with seemineegly Jewish names.

Slum lords, people who make money by owniing properties that no human should live in but they not only do but they make dirtbag slumlords rich to boot by  paying exhorbitant rents often on a no signatures cash only basis. I wrote here aboit freezing my ass off on Thanksgiving. I bet my landlord did not freeze his ass off.

The way a person  presents himself reflects social and economic status, job and attitude. Witness the hippies of yore the hipstrrs of today snd the droopy drawers set. :Some people by how they dress are a walking "fuck you" banner.