Friday, February 28, 2014

Bhairavi Desai you and your friends Stephen Goldsmith and David Yassky have a moral ethical debt to the medallion taxi drivers

Call a press conference, the three of you.

Make it clear that the benefit plan, set for last November, has not begun operations. It was most dishonest and  deceptive of you to dissemble that the Maimonides heart program had anything to do with it or with you.

Explain why the program does not exist.

David Yassky you tell the press, the public and the drivers what it was about Desai that convinced you that she and her tiny inexperienced group could manage such a huge undertaking as a benefit plan and counseling service working against the clock- the Obama care application deadline

Goldsmith what did you promise to Desai in return for her sudden 180 degree turn on the Bloomberg taxi agenda?

Warn the drivers that time is running out on the Obama care deadline.