Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dear fellow taxi drivers it is our responsibility to respect bicycle paths and even to defend them.

My cell phone camera is not sharp but these are two snapshots of the bicycle path that we cross when we take passengers to New York Waterways.

Always I stop before I cross it no matter if the bike light is red or green. You know why? Because I do not want to hurt anyone or kill anyone. Even if  that anyone happens to be an arrogant and careless cyclist.

Now I can understand you blowing your horn like a fucking maniac if you are in back of mr and the bike light is red.  Well in that case I stop for a quick second just to be sure my way is safe for other people.

But when go go insane with your horn when that light for the bikes is green you are only shaming yourself, me and every taxi driver. I believe we are some of the hardest working and maltreated people who live in this city.

We should act like we really are. Better than them. Today I began telling those who try to bully me to rush across a bike path to think and cut it out.