Friday, February 7, 2014

Earth to mayor Bill de Blasio- who's running the show at the Taxi and Limousine Commission?

It has been a while since you sent David Yassky packing by firing him on television in December.

I scour the news and the TLC website and I can't see anywhere where you put in a replacement.

I see TLC staff out on the streets doing their jobs. I think the everyday activities are being carried out.  The non political Civil Servants probably don't need a Commission Chairperson.

I'm worried about a few policy matters where I can't see any sign that there is a firm hand on the rudder. Stuff that frankly concerns me. You know that if you are going to run more succesful medallion auctions you cannot leave this green taxi thing on autopilot. Autopilot at the TLC means Yassky is still really ruunning it. The other related problem is Hailo and Uber. As I say over and over again #HailoandUbermightkliyou 

16,000 green taxis could possibly lead to violence both among the green and ;green vs. Yellow the owner driver medallion will be severely dented. Remember now you are in the medallion sales business now.

Anyone who thinks about it even a little bit knows that these taxi apps give you dangerously  distracted drivers. This guy Travis what's his name at Uber is an Ayn Rand fascist, one of these amoral atheist types. He wants to destroy the taxi business for the sheer hell of it andd then tdominate urban surface transit worldbwide. These apps kill. Put Shirley Liu into your google which is bankrolling this Travis What's His Face guy. Travis is very bad news and just to save innocent lives he as well as Hailo have to be stopped. So you need to have someone in charge over there.

You also need to defang Bhairavi Desai and Beresford Simmons. Simmons gave an intrrview to Rebecca Harshbarger at The New York Post in which he threatened that taxi drivers will disrupt tourism to get at you. You defang these fools by giving the drivers ttheir six cents A ride back and siiinng law enforcemrnt on thesr clowns.

Six year old Shirley Liu was killed on New Year's Eve in San Francisco when a logged on Uber driver ran her family down as they were crossing a stteet. Ubermenscb Travis Kalonic denies that Uber has any connrction whatever.

No liability, no morals or ethics. How could any legitimate taxi system compete with UbetX? There is where you, Mt. Mayor  must step in. Even Yassky backed off of giving these apps the final okay at a TLC hearing on December 19, 2013. Hr handed off to you. Act pleasr.