Sunday, February 2, 2014

"Go Seahawks!" Three cheers for Seattle.

I mentioned a conversation with a stripper yesterday or the day before we were talking about how the $uper Bowl was not generating any sort of big bucks at our level. Did I mention that she is from Seattle and that when I was in the army part of my time was at Fort Lewis Washington  not far from Seattle. I knew some good people there and spent some happy 48 hour passes in Seattle.

It seemed at the time at least in my opinion that Seattle was chock full of voluptuous women. Some of us young soldiers speculated that this happy circumstance was a result of them walking up and down all those hills plus the super clean air that was a result of ten months a year of rainfall lasting a few hours each day.

Anyhow she brought me to remembering the Seattle of 1968. Also she said that she so enjoyed our conversation that she hopes we meet up again.  Now in younger days I did spend time in Harmony Burlesque..I have posted about that on this blog. There were strippers who practiced the arts of seduction and fantasy stimulation inducing infatuation  as part of the business model. They could convince twenty different men that they await his return. This young lady is probably of that school

Anyhow, yeah go Seahawks.