Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Impunity of Bhairavi Desai. She's joined the club of people like David Yassky who can just kick taxi drivers around and rip us off. We'll see if that stands.

Yeah, so the Taxi and Limousine Commission takes six cents a trip from every yellowcab driver for a benefit fund run by Bhairavi Desai. Meager and in fact ridiculous benefits were scheduled to kick in on or around November 18, 2013. They have not. The money, estimated a ta total of  from ten to fifteen million dollars a year, continues to be taken involuntarily from around 30,000 taxi drivers who earn around $14.00 an hour on average. Many of these drivers are confident that they indeed have Obama Care from this take out. They are in for rude surprises.  Ms. Desai declines to explain any of this. 

The Taxi and Limousine Commission refuses to explain any of this, telling the press in fact that the taxi drivers have the greatest benefits in their history, which even if these benefits ever materialize will be a lie. 

Taxi drivers had full coverage when they were employees of the fleets with a union contract, something which does not exist today in spite of media repeating the big lie that Desai heads "the taxi driver union." 

And so, just to find out where my money is, I am forced to file a Freedom Of Information Request under the gaze of Mayor Bill "Transparency" de Blasio. What a crock he has turned out to be!