Thursday, February 27, 2014

The official figures for yesterday's New York taxi medallion auction (February 2013) will be released tomorrow but here are basic tentative numbers. I see a weakening. The city government has a stake in not letting the slide continue- a hint to BdB

Basic stats on winning bids:

Hi $965000.00
Lo $805201.97
Av $863737.45

Total # bids 297  total medallions sold 169

128 bidders lost.  17 of them are in reserve
Recently owner driver medallions sold  @ $1050000. 9  sold in January in private sales.

Most certainly some 9 people who plunked down just over a million in January are kicking themselves in their rear ends as sre yesterday's  high bidders. I don't know how it works iif winners  back out. There are 17 bids of  lrss than $805000 in reserve. The March auction will be real interesting. Don't forget that NYC is counting on the successful auctioning of  1631 more medallions. Sick geese lay a few scrawny eggs. Dead geese lay no golden eggs at all.: