Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The US (and its european union satellites) is leveraging NAZIS to tear Ukraine asunder and point the dagger at the heart of Russia

Israel and Zionists are playing the same team objectively. Here it is in a nutshell: victorious nazis, pro nazis and krypto nazis have the run of the streets in Kiev and Western Ukraine.

Well, one need not be a history major to understand that the Jewish people there right now are frightened out of their wits. A local rabbi is urging these people to flee and calling for an Israeli military intervention. This is because US backed elements have the upper hand for now.

A statue honoring the soldiers who defeated and kicked out the nazis has been toppled by Ms. Rice's "pro european " friends.

There is an historical cultural/political divide in the Ukraine. Many in the western part believe that the wrong side , won WWII.

They are of one seamless piece with the deadly enemies of humanity who are drawing a bead on Russia, Syria, Venrzuela and beyond. : Fanatical and tragically missled Islamists, Israel, the pro nazi so called Ukrainian nationalists and what is called"the west" or Anglo-Judeo Empire.