Sunday, February 9, 2014

Too old for this shit... Beresford Simmons : I can relate but....

Beresford Simmons is a guy of around my age. He is a taxi driver too and the media has reported that he has medical problems and not enough resources to just stop working. Ok √ √ He is active in the New York Taxi Workers Alliance which falsely claims to be the Taxi Drivers' Union. He's on the Executive Board. I "liked" the Taxi Workers Alliance on Facebook which allows me to follow their public pronouncements and also.leave my comments. I have been a union delegate in two different unions. I was active in organizing the 1986 Counter "buy" Centenial. failed taxi strike. So Simmons and I could be sympatico but there is a problem.

The Taxi Workers Alliance is receiving money that is being stolen by the Taxi and Limousine Commission from me and thousands of other taxi drivers. We never asked for the services which in a way works out okay because Simmons and the rest of the gang have yet to deliver ObamaCare Navigation or the scrawny disability plan that is like mystery meat in that no one knows what is really in it or when it will be ready to serve

Simmons never won his executive post through any election. If he had run for a paid position in this fake union he might have campaigned with the slogan "driving a taxi - I'm too old for this shit "