Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bhairavi Desai calls a meeting with drivers to "talk about" the six cent rip off, medical ( non) insurance, other matters Tuesday at one am and Saturday at 11 am

She's missing the matter of up to 6000 green livery/ taxis. She now claims to represent them and yellow cab drivers too. This is nonsense. The green drivers   are a totally different group.

1-  They are (small time) owners. Their hope is that their permits will morph into a type of medallion.

  2- They not only compete in places like Williamsburg, they already poach in lower Manhattan. If Desai represents them that is what she is defending. She cannot defend yellowcab drivers and green livery drivers. What will she say when it gets proposed that they be allowed to work the airports?

Desai needs? to come to the garages and take questions.