Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In another year Louis (Big Lou) Posner not only will be allowed to go spend money at a strip club if he wants to he will also be allowed to open a chain of strip clubs if that's what he wants to do.

Big Lou and Cassandra Malandi aka Alexis Moore  porn star photo from the New York Daily News
This fuckin' guy was a lawyer but they did disbar him.
Big Lou Posner used to run the Hot Lap Fance Club until.the NY PD vice cops swooprd down on his business in 2008. Four years ago March 23, 2008 Posner msde a deal whereby his wife and book keeper was comletely let off.  Lou got five years probatio  whereby he remains constrained not to visit or run any strip club. Lou also got sicty days of community service for claiming that the vice cops demanded payoffs from him. We all know that NYPD has scruples and would never do any such thing.

Lou admitted that the Hot Lap Dance Club sheltered prostitution. He said he encouraged this by hiring so many women that they could not make good moneyj ust disrobing and giving hot lap dances. He provided rooms with beds. He said this is the way you make real wampu. In the biz.

A year ago Posner went to court to ask thst his probation be ended two years rarly because being barred from the skin trade limits his ability to make money as a commetcial real estate broker.
Oh yeah I forgot. Lou told the judge that hr's been rehsbilitated..Below Big Lou outside a court house with a buddy.