Saturday, March 22, 2014

MH370 and bigotry against gay people.

In my lifetime people in the United States were put in prison for sodomy. This pertained both to military life and civilian life.

What is now called Gay Pride Day began at the Stonewall Inn a bar in Greenwich Village that illegally sold alcoholic beverages to homosexuals. It seems likely that a protection payment to the NYPD vice squad had been missed.Police descended on the bar and beat the customers and staff bloody. Gays fouvht street skirmishes with the cops for several nights. This was the birth of Gay Liberation  Day that morphed into the non confrontational Gay Pride Day.

So we Americans were a lot like Malaysia not so very long ago.

Today homosexuality is outlaw there just like it was in the USA until recent years. The pilot of MH 370's brother is an opposition politician who has been convicted in court of being a homosexual in spite of his denials. He faces years in prison. BTW Being a homosexual is not against the law in Russia.

I was a younv soldier when the Stonewall riots broke out. I was jealous that they were exempt from the military draft and I simply did not believe that they had any legitimate complaints. It did not regiter in my biased mind that NYPD was beating them bloody for simy being who they were. With time and with the struggles of the gays many people like me realized we were wrong. Only a couple of yeats ago President Obama opposed gay marriage. Tiimes change and so does a culture