Thursday, March 27, 2014

Nikita Khruschev's son, Sergei explains why his father took Crimea away from Russia and gave it to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic


The Voice of America interviewed Sergei Khruschev at his office at Brown  University on March 6. This was ten days before the referendum in which the Crimeans voted to join Russia rather than the coup coalition of neo nazis ( see Svoboda political party and  Right Sektor )Ukraine and pro European Union Jewish oligarchs. As an aside it looks like Right Sektor is getting the night of the long knives treatment.                                          ;

nted a big hydro electric and

According to Sergei his father wanted a big hydroelectric and irrigation project that straddled the Ukraine and Russian Crimea to be under the supervision of one bureacracy rather than two and so they made it so.